Police Chase Ending Scoreboard, ROUND 2

oj chase

To play: It’s simple! Whenever there is a televised police chase, simply respond to the “live odds” tweet on Twitter with how you think the chase will end (so that everyone else can see the submissions as well). I will accept submissions up to 10 minutes after the odds are posted.

I will post the odds shortly after I sound the alarm that the “Birds are in the air!!!” – and said odds will obviously reflect the situation: (For example: You’re rarely, if ever, going to see a spike strip end a motorcycle pursuit – thus, it will be the longshot for that specific chase).

Everyone is allowed to place one hypothetical $100 wager per chase, and may only pick one “Chase End” option.

P.S. Congratulations to Round 1 Champion @AlterWhite1 who correctly predicted the outcome of six straight police chases to take home the 2015-2016 Crown!


STANDINGS (as of 7/22), 0 Chases:

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